This could be the big break for your indie game.



Online through the 'Let's Play' Family

We will submit your game as a suggestion directly to everyone at Rooster Teeth’s extended Let’s Play family. You could get a gameplay session online by some of the biggest names in online video game entertainment, well after RTX Sydney.

Achievement Hunter, Funhaus, Cow Chop, ScrewAttack, and Kinda Funny all have a combined 5.5 MILLION subscribers!

On Stage at RTX Sydney

If you think your game will work as part of our programming, submit it for a panel!

Submit your game for a panel after you apply for your booth so we can get more Australian games up on stage. Or if your game’s development had an interesting story submit it for a talk and it’ll be considered for one of the Panel Rooms.

Submit Your Game Panel

In the Program Guide

Your game will be featured in the Indie Zone section of the Program Guide! Every single person who comes to RTX Sydney gets a Program Guide with your game in it.

Via our Social Media Networks

Submit content for a free social media post to our extended social network with a potential reach of over 300,000!

RTX Sydney, Hanabee, Supanova Pop Culture Expo social media accounts pushing your game when you want it.

With all the media and influencers at RTX Sydney

You’ll be supplied a full detailed list of influencers and media two weeks before the event

Get your meetings organised well before the event with our influencers and media. Influencers coming from Rooster Teeth have over 2.43 million Twitter followers

In your booth that includes...

  • 2.4m x 2m Reframe™ banner
  • 2m x 2m Carpet tiled floor
  • High-end Bench with locked sliding Doors and Storage
  • Cabinet Plinth for Monitor & Equipment
  • Two Exhibitor Passes
  • Entry to the official RTX Sydney App
  • Program Guide Blurb
  • Social Media Ad

*Power ordered separately

If you’re thinking about getting an indie booth at RTX Sydney, please contact us below and we’ll help make the process as smooth as possible.

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