The Indie Experience at RTX

In just two days your game could reach millions online.

This year we’ve created an option for you to actually get your game and merchandise people’s hands.

The Indies from RTX Sydney 2017

A Township tale
Brief Battles
Think of the Children
Dungeon League
Goat Punks
Death Squared
Adventure Pals



These events are never cheap. But what if you could go to a convention and walk out with a profit?

We are setting up a merchandise booth all for you. Just the indies. We’ll run it. Sell your stuff, whether it’s shirts, plushies, pins, digital or physical games. Bring it all! And let the people who are playing your game pick it up then and there. Instead of later at home with the flyer you asked them to keep but they probably didn’t.

Terms and conditions apply. Please contact Cameron at cameron (at) if you have any questions.

Get on Stage!

If you think your game will work as part of our programming, submit it for a panel!

Submit your game for a panel after you apply for your booth so we can get more Australian games up on stage. Or if your game’s development had an interesting story submit it for a talk and it’ll be considered for one of the Panel Rooms.

Submit Your Game Panel

Get in the Program Guide

Your game will be featured in the Indie Zone section of the Program Guide! Every single person who comes to RTX Sydney gets a Program Guide with your game in it.

Get a FREE social media post

Submit content for a free social media post to our extended social network with a potential reach of over 300,000!

RTX Sydney, Hanabee, Supanova Pop Culture Expo social media accounts all pushing your game when you want it. Is your game coming out later? Soon? Want something during RTX? It’s all up to you (and pending approval of course).

Meet all the media at RTX Sydney

You’ll be supplied a full detailed list of the YouTubers, Broadcasters and media two weeks before the event

Get your meetings organised well before the event with all our media. Delicious media.

What you get in the booth...

  • 2.4m x 2m Reframe™ banner
  • 2m x 2m Carpet tiled floor
  • High-end Bench with locked sliding Doors and Storage
  • Cabinet Plinth for Monitor & Equipment
  • Two Exhibitor Passes
  • Entry to the official RTX Sydney App
  • Program Guide Blurb
  • Social Media Ad

*Power ordered separately

If you’re thinking about getting an indie booth at RTX Sydney, please contact us below and we’ll help make the process as smooth as possible.

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